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This double commentator desk is made from two already proven PRT666 in a single unit. It includes:

  • Two balanced microphone XLR inputs A and B with input sensitivity setting.
  • Two microphone A and B outputs (balanced line level).
  • One microphone A+B output (line level).
  • Two 1/4 inch headphone outputs A and B.
  • Two balanced mono signal 1 and 2 inputs for A and B headphones.
  • A potentiometer is used to balance the levels 1 and 2 (a potentiometer for each headphones).
  • Headphone level control after the balance (one for each headphones).
  • Signal 1 and 2 mixture is easier using a balance than 2 separate potentiometers.
  • A balanced talkback input for headphones A and B. Signal 1+2 fade either on talkback signal or dry loop input.
  • One balanced shared talkback output microphone A and B.
  • Following controls available to each commentator A and B: A fugitive EAO key for broadcasting "ON AIR" /  At the same time "ON AIR" is ON / A fugitive key talkback output.

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