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The PRT900 is a double desk commentator with additional input for a guest. It includes all the features needed for sports commentators, such as making the antenna, sends and returns as well as monitoring talkback individually configurable.

For safety reasons the PRT900 is supplied with DC voltage 12 to 24 volts. Indeed, its mains supply conventional energy could be dangerous for operators. In stadium, we are never safe from water spray. The use of a separate block of low]voltage supply overcomes this. On the other hand, the supply voltage 12 to 24 volts allows its integration into vehicle report.

The PRT900 has an IP port and an embedded Web server. This allows both the specific programming of the equipment in controls and secondly to take control of remote commands. This is particularly interesting in the case for example where a journalist forgets to put his input On Air. A Sub-D 15 pin remote control allows for loops and a reflection of the state of the console by opto couplers. IP mode even allows use in stand alone.


  • Microphone inputs on balanced XLR.
  • Three microphone inputs, two commentators and a guest, with balanced with power supply 48 volts or 12 volts.
  • Sensitivity adjustment (+ 20 dB).
  • Switching line on the guest input with volume on the front panel to allow the diffusion of a recorded message.
  • Luminous ON AIR switch for three inputs.
  • Luminous switch to send Talkback A and B to commentators 1 and 2 inputs.
  • ON AIR output is muted when one of the talkback switch is pressed.
  • Switch to send Talkback2 to commentator1 and Talkback1 to commentator2. This allows talkbacks among the journalists. On AIR output is also muted with this function.
  • PRT900 is delivered with external power supply
4.50 Kg
Pupitre / Desk
330 x 240 x 100 mm

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