Headphone amplifier



  • Start /Stop console management with ON/OFF lights for TALLY return.
  • One switch to manage order network.
  • One Headphones amplifier with audio inputs on symmetrical line.
  • Headphones jack in rear or front panel to carry out connector on the office.
  • One console return order sent in animator headphones.
  • The talkback modulation can be sent to left or/and right animator ears.
  • A dimming is inserted on main program when talk back is activated.
  • One integrate limiter designed to avoid extreme levels on headphones.
  • One AUX connector to take up the console modulation, the talkback modulation and the talkback loop to feed a second PRT505 or PCS300.
0.62 Kg
Pupitre / Desk
138 x 116 x 45 mm

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