ASM100 and ASM110 set are intended to help in wiring ON AIR lights on new microphone stands having this new feature.

ASM100 interfaces microphone channels GPO, whether it is loop, voltage open collector or drain, and delivers power to the ON AIR light.

  • ASM100 is designed to handle up six GPO outputs and interface, 6 microphone stands.
  • The six outputs are (thermal) protected by fusibles with automatic reset.


ASM110 thanks to a screws connector, dispatches the information to each microphone stand.

  • Wiring between ASM100 and ASM110 use a standard direct RJ45 cable
  • Connection between ASM110 is omnibus type, using the same net RJ45 cable
  • It is possible to connect up 6 ASM110 on the net.

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