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CBB404 allows to convert impedance and format between AES3 balanced 110 Ohms and AESid unbalanced 75 Ohms

CBB404 is a double impedance converter AES3id  BNC (75 Ohms) to AES3 XLR (110 Ohms) and a double impedance converter AES3 XLR (110 Ohms) to AES3id BNC (75 Ohms)

This device allows to link digital audio equipments using different formats.
It also allows,in the limited distance AES3 XLR (110 ohms), to move on 75 ohms, the signal travels on coaxial cable for long distance transmission


  • Converter for audio digital format and impedance. 
  • Converter from balanced XLR format to BNC for long distance transmission.



  • FRT100: Front panel adapter for fitting one “SLIMRACK.”
  • FRT200: Rack 19" 1U front panel adapter for 2 “SLIMRACK” units.
  • FRT300: Cover plate for FRT200.



1.00 Kg
220 x 44 x 150 mm

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